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4 reasons why you should write that tutorial

1. Your way is different

Your technique may not be the same with another programmer’s technique. Programs that you wrote may be written in some way that another programmer hasn’t thought possible. My experience with it when checking out a tutorial by another programmer, there’s always a part of code that I think “I could have done that differently.” Don’t ever think that people won’t read or take anything from your tutorial because most of the time, they will.

2. Help people behind you

When I was a still starting in the programming world, I read a lot of textbooks along with blogs and websites reading their tutorial. The difference back then and now is that internet is much more accessible that more people actually read programming tutorials online. Imagine how many new programmers or programmers learning a new language may benefit from your knowledge.

3. Making a name for yourself

A lot of programmers probably know who Margaret Hamilton or Linus Torvald is, but right now, you don’t need to create a special program just to make a name for yourself. Your website will most probably be indexed by major search engines such as Google and it just won’t help the people who read your tutorials, but may also help your career.

4. Make a journal of what you do

I have been given some tasks that needs a little bit more than programming. Most of this things stay on my website as tutorials. I’m pretty sure that there are problems that you think is more than just programming, or some code that is a bit tricky and quite harder to remember but use more than once, what I did was to post it online. I created a website so the next time I needed to use it again, I just need to look it up on my website.


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